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Re: [school-discuss] [IIEP] Open source makes school appointment

Please inform us when that report will be finished so we can possibly influence
our governments too.


Vedran Vucic

 Knut Yrvin <knuty@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Becta, the Government's lead agency for ICT in education, is set to
> release a new report which will say that schools could save significant
> sums by switching to open source software, eGov monitor can report.
> [...]
> Among the key findings will be that primary and secondary schools using
> OSS substantially reduced the total cost of ownership per PC. Support
> costs - typically accounting for more than half a PC's total cost -
> showed the biggest reduction.
> Furthermore, case studies showed that the cost advantages of OSS were
> often used to increase provision, rather than reduce overall budgets in
> schools.
> It will also highlight that OSS can provide an appropriate
> infrastructure for schools and is well supported, with good reliability
> and performance.
> [...]
> The report is being held back until after 5 May due to the restrictions
> on government announcements during the general election.
> http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2005/04/25/open_source_school/
> - Knut Yrvin
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