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Re: [school-discuss] Ubuntu - Linux for Human Beings

Stephen Downes wrote:
Yishay Mor wrote:

[Forwarded from an unsubscribed address--Doug]

yet another CD-bootable disto, Debian based, but with a built-in installer:

I've heard good things about Ubuntu and have a distro at home ready
to install. But...

What do people here think of Ubuntu? How well does it compare with,
say, Mandrake?

-- Stephen

I use Mandrake at work, (servers / workstation), and Ubuntu at home. I think Ubuntu compares very favorably with Mandrake on the desktop. The software in Ubuntu is generally more current, as it is based on Debian unstable / testing plus security updates. The Ubuntu release cycle parallels Mandrakes at 6 months. Ubuntu generally has more software available, although I notice 6000+ packages in Mandrakes 2005LE contrib directory. Mandrakes urpmi is very nice and I have had very few problems with it, typically an occasional unsigned package. I did need to patch and compile a Mandrake source package and file a bug report to get a working sfdisk installed, we'll see if it's fixed in 2005LE. My Ubuntu install appears to have an annoying firefox bug, (freezes on search in document), which caused me to install firefox from a mozilla foundation download. I use afterstep on each desktop, the latest Ubuntu went to Afterstep 2, Mandrake 2005LE has this in contrib as well. It will be interesting to see what Mandriva comes out with, they may go to apt for rpm. Does apt for rpm do signature checking?

- cameron