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[school-discuss] How to buy fleets?

This may be slightly off-topic, but I think it's a question we've all pondered. With school budgets what they are, how can we mimic the private sector and buy computers by the fleet?

If you singlehandedly manage dozens of different hardware/software configurations (as I do), you spend all your time putting out fires. But if I could manage a fleet or two, I'd have time to do important things - like write code, upgrade network infrastructure, and educate teachers.

Our district buys a few computers every year. There's got to be a way to buy a lot of computers every few years. But financing in our state (California) makes it seemingly impossible, except in the largest districts.

The only thing I've thought of is going the refurb route - but that still doesn't allow for the number of machines I'd like. Plus, with new machines going for under $500, there's got to be another way.

Any ideas?

Kevin Shira
Computer Technician
Oak Hill Elementary: (916) 338-6460
Dudley Elementary: (916) 338-6470