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Re: [school-discuss] New wrinkle on using FOSS and thin client architecture

Red Rover works for me. Since our school mascot is a Bee, we thought of the Brandon Bee Hive, but my mother-in-law calls it the Brandon Command Center.

Almost every time I'm up there, there are kids on it.  Daniel

Justin wrote:
Just took a look at the article & picture of the cart, that's way cool. Have a name for it? I'd suggest "Red Rover".

On 4/25/06, *William Fragakis* <william@xxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:william@xxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    or if the link breaks in your reader,

    morrisbrandon.com <http://morrisbrandon.com>

    choose "Brandon Technology" in the left menu and look up the article
    K12LTSP Laptop Carts