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[school-discuss] Catalogue of Educational Open Source Applications

With the permission of the Open Source Victoria (OSV) team in Australia, I reformatted their Free Software Catalog to 8.5 x 11 dimensions and published it on LuLu. I had originally planned to just print a copy locally or to have Staples or Kinkos print me a copy but it turns out it was much, MUCH cheaper to publish it on LuLu. Then I began to think that other people might want a 'dead-tree' version as well so I contacted the OSV team and asked permission to publish it via LuLu. Here is the result:


It is available free as a PDF download or, if you don't want to burn out your color printer, LuLu will print you a color copy for US$16.68. This is the direct cost of printing - there is no royalty involved. To be clear, this 'cooperative' effort is 99.99% OSV and 0.01% White Nitro but it was great fun to receive the first draft copy.

I realize it is out of date before it is printed but it really is more of a marketing piece than a reference guide. I showed it to several people, including teachers, and it is really surprising what a difference it makes to have a physical book in their hands with full color pages displaying hundreds screen shots from Open Source programs. It really inspires a 'Wow - this is like Christmas!' kinda feeling in a way that a PDF on a screen or a website doesn't quite do. It also allows the information to reach people that would never read an 80 page document off of their screen.

The OSV team really did an amazing job creating this document. I am planning to update the LuLu published copy periodically as OSV updates the underlying file.

There is also a black and white version (which is US$ 10.00 less expensive) at:



[On a completely different note...]
One parting question:  How much overlap is there between:
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Is there enough overlap of membership to cause considerable irritation with a cross-post? If so, which list is best for a general 'Open Source and Education' announcement like the one above?