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[school-discuss] Techno-lust vs. Technophobia

The Society for Photographic Education, Mid-Atlantic
Region (SPEMA), will be having their annual conference
at Carnegie Mellon University, November 7 and 8, 2008.

The theme is "Techno-lust vs. Technophobia." This
is going to be a very digitally focused conference.
It is called "Technocracy" and is concerned with
the distribution of the image, the evolution and
revolution of the digital photograph--how the
photograph is merging into other media.

Douglas Fogle, curator of the Carnegie International, will be
the keynote speaker. Tom Sokolowski, director of the Andy
Warhol Museum, will also be speaking. Amanda McDonald-Crowley,
director of Eyebeam, will be acting as moderator.

The submissions deadline for both conference proposals and
the Video festival is July 1st.

You can check the SPEMA website here:


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