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RE: [school-discuss] first programming language

I would start with perl or python.
Each is sequential at the core, recipe-like, but can easily be made into
They have a lot of add-ons (modules) for later, and have simple
There are many tutorials and examples to refer to.
They are portable across platforms and operating systems.
They are free, and well supported.
They are not primarily an exercise in learning library call names,
unlike Java.

Your friend will want to know how to do various things such as save
write text to the screen, recall saved stuff, read devices, etc. All

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one of the young guys (13 y.o.) i am teaching to as far as regards math
and physics repeatedly asks me to introduce him to the world of
programming (and linux in particular) whose he is very fond of ...

i'd like to ask you which programming language you think it is more
advisable in this situation

if the question is too general, please ask me more details

thank you very much

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