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Re: [school-discuss] first programming language

On Wed, 9 Apr 2008, Peter Ruwoldt wrote:

> > I do not like Scratch simply because it is only available for PCs and
> > Macs.
> > However, the Scratch web site does offer a realistic view of what kids can
> > produce. Sure the artwork looks childish ... that's because this is the
> > work of children. Squeak can do most of that stuff, and a whole lot more.
> One of the great things about the Scratch site is that it tends to promote
> the FOSS way of doing things.  You can download other peoples work and build
> upon it. SO while it is not yet available for Linux, it does offer this way
> of working that is rather unique and compatible.

My kids have been using Scratch on Linux (not using Wine but native 
squeak) for over two months (probably near 100 hours) to make several 
games and many activities. It may be missing some features, but my kids 
enjoy it and haven't noticed yet.