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Re: [school-discuss] first programming language

roberto wrote:
> hello
> one of the young guys (13 y.o.) i am teaching to as far as regards
> math and physics repeatedly asks me to introduce him to the world of
> programming (and linux in particular) whose he is very fond of ...
> i'd like to ask you which programming language you think it is more
> advisable in this situation
> if the question is too general, please ask me more details
> thank you very much


A different approach you might take is an introduction to assembly and
machine language using a micro controller, even a lego RCX brick would
do.  The introduction to binary and how computers actually work can
prove invaluable for students as they pursue data structures and
algorithms in higher level languages.  One could jump from some
introductory low level stuff right into alice for example.  A great
contrast and range of possibilities for the student to pursue is shown
between the embedded or systems programming space and resource rich high
level environments.

- cameron