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[school-discuss] New Asymptopia Software releases ...

Hello Schoolforge Folks,

just a quick note that some new releases of [1] TuxWordSmith and [2] Asymptopia (Math) Crossword Builder are available.  The TuxWordSmith application has been overhauled to run much faster now, and still offers Scrabble in approx 30 languages, including Eng,French,Greek,Russian,Italian,German,Spanish  etc etc...  and the Math Crossword Builder now has a French translation, such that numbers 1-99 are now written in French. The Eng, French and Portuguese-Brazillian translations are bundled into a single package with a template for porting of the math functionality to yet more languages.   If anyone can make some more translations I will include them in a subsequent release.  (There is a simple template included for new translations). 

Charles Cosse

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