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[school-discuss] Libre software! :)

On Sun, Apr 20, 2008 at 02:47:44AM -0700, Joel Kahn wrote:
> I personally lean towards Stallman's position
> as the ideal, but I recognize that realistic
> considerations make things complicated.


In fact, as peculiarities of appropriate term interpretation
depend on the language and local mentality/history/whatever,
things might be the other way around: e.g. in Russian (and 
especially Ukrainian) language and tradition the word "svobodnyj"
(or "vilnyj", correspondingly) doesn't have the meaning
"money-free" but the main sense is like English "free as
in freedom" one.

So don't think it's an universal issue -- mostly English
specific kluge for american business is never universal ;)

Some European folks prefer "Libre" for that matter and are
fine with that...

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