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[school-discuss] Charity Needs Phone Systems

Technically this is a little off topic,
but maybe some of you can help, or at
least spread the word along....


This is a very important request. It is primarily for those of you that are in IT or a decision making capacity for your company or school and can step forward to help. We believe all kids should have access to technology. We are now in desperate need of older phone systems you may have laying in storage. Not that computers are not important but we need these phone systems to compliment the many charter schools and community centers we are building.

We don't care if its old or broken. We will take it and fix it up. Our services which could cost you thousands for IT asset removal are FREE FOR YOU. We look for donations of 10 or more units to send our trucks out because of the expense involved. WE REALLY NEED PHONE SYSTEMS TO COMPLETE THE OUTFITTING OF CHILDREN'S AND COMMUNITY CENTERS IN NEW JERSEY AND NEW YORK. We will de-install and in some instances pay cash for the phone systems. THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS!!!!

Please contact me at 201-625-5495 or mwelsh0110@xxxxxxxxx if you can donate.

Best Regards

Mike Welsh

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