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Re: [school-discuss] Automatically teach kids + create FOSS jobs = AutoTeach Project

Hi Michael,

On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 3:43 PM, Michael Shigorin <mike@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 11:20:36AM +0700, David wrote:
> I don't think anyone would doubt that there's a need to nurture both if
> free software for education is to survive. What do you think?

I somehow thought that if you write automated email you can
expect it to be automatically read; and if you teach children
automatically you can expect them to grow up as meat bots.

We are both advocates of open education software. The idea here is merely
to "strongly compel" periodic use of that software. This system allows you to
require your child to read 30 minutes of Shakespeare in exchange for an
hour of internet access, or 20 minutes depending on how you configure. You
can use it to supplement video game time with something else ... any conceivable
software application could be plugged into the system to earn credits. Computer
Aided Instruction is here to stay, and this project merely seeks to advance open
education resources.

The original name was "The Net Dispenser", then it became "Remote Compel"
and after too much trouble about names I was swayed, yet again, to change it
to AutoTeach. I like the logo and don't see the concept in a negative light, so
I hope the project can get traction with the current name.

A good teacher knows and loves both their subject and their
children enough to show the latter the beauty of the former.

Yeah, and a good education software developer finds ways to do it through software.

Don't know how to script that.

I am still working hard on this project and believe that it can simultaneously
help parents and advance open education resources in a modern, web context.
The code was all revised over the last month to lie within a single Django app
structure and it's available on github

Here is the general procedure to contribute to an open source project on github:
1. Clone the repository: git clone http://github.com/reponame.git
2. Create a branch: git checkout -b your-new-branch-name
3. "hack hack hack"
4. git commit -am "A message describing what you changed."
5. git push origin your-new-branch-name

As soon as I finish the current Raspberry-Pi image I'm working on I will
return to finding some "early adopters".ÂÂ Anyone interested?

Charles CossÃ
Asymptopia Software