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[school-discuss] emulators and virtual systems discussion/questions

Would be curious to hear what emulators or virtual systems list
members like or use most.  Would also like to know which systems are
the easiest to use when copying files between the native filesystem
and the emulated systems.  What tools do you like for copying files to
and from images?  What systems let you work with files on their native
filesystem?  Any suggestions, recommendations, information on personal
experience using emulators, links to tutorials, etc. would be greatly

Was recently at a PHP meeting and they were talking about using Docker
to create PHP environments to check metrics and statistics about PHP
code.  I've been seeing more and more programming meetups and users
groups using Docker.  One of the developers at the PHP meeting
mentioned Packer as a way to create images for multiple emulators and
systems like Docker:

An Android group I recently attended talked about Android Studio and
mentioned advances made in speeding up Android emulation (

I checked the Schoolforge software list and the only entries we have
under emulators and virtual machines are:

I think this could be expanded.  What other Open Source virtual
machines and emulators would you like to see added to the list?

Know of other interesting information or had any recent experiences
related to emulators and virtual machines?  Please share with the
list.  Thanks.
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