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[school-discuss] INDIA: 'Phoenix' (Physics with home-made equipment and innovative experiments

See http://www.nsc.res.in/~elab/phoenix/

`Phoenix' (Physics with homemade equipment and innovative experiments)
is perhaps the only product of its kind working on GNU/Linux. Says
Pramode C.E.: "The project is fast reaching maturity (a bootable CD is
ready, some manufacturers have started taking orders for the hardware
box, a mailing list is in place ...)."

Physics with Homemade Equipment and Innovative Experiments 

      * Improve the accuracy of existing experiments by redesigning them
        using the low cost interface.
      * Encourage students and teachers to design new experiments.
      * Learn science from the experimental data by constructing
        mathematical models governing various phenomena.
      * Create a synergy between engineering and physics students so
        that new physics experiments can be designed as the project
        works of the former.
      * Develop demonstrations that can be used in the classroom.
      * Student projects based on phoenix
      * Demos and science fare items for school students.

There can be achieved only with active collaboration of large number of
people at various levels. Contributions from physicists,
engineers,teachers and students are equally important. We hope it will
be realized. See above URL.

Contact for details: Pramode C.E. <pramode_ce@xxxxxxxxxxx>
You can contact Pramode for a demo at your local LUG/FSUG.