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[school-discuss] Encourage schools to host a software freedom day event

I would like to encourage all schools to give some thought to the software that they have the students use from the perspective of access and equity.  Is the software you are using freely available so that students can continue with their learning beyond the school, unencumbered.  I would also like to encourage interested schools to consider hosting a "Software Freedom Day" event, a global event that supports local communities to celebrate and educate how Free Open Source Software can benefit people in their area. This year it is on September 20th.

FOSS fits well with the ideal 'Free and Open Education' by being able to give the learning tools to students so that they can use, share and build upon them. Collaboration and sharing fits well with this ideal and FOSS.

Go to the "Software Freedom Day" site to get more information about the event and register your team.


PS If you are a victim of my cross posting of this email, my sympathies and apologies. :(
Free and Open education for all

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