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Re: [school-discuss] License for an open-source voting system?

Open Congress has some great resources on their website that could be starting points for further research and taking action:

i.e. http://www.opencongress.org/issue/top_twenty_bills/6406_voting_machines



Also must be mentioned: http://change-congress.org/

Hope the links are useful. There are opportunities here; even with the low tech pen and paper ballot, it is inevitable that technology is involved in the process at some point. How / where / when it is applied is a great area for exploring and identifying the opportunities and finding ways to bring about greater transparency.

aaron wrote:
Unlike the vast, sorry majority of my fellow Georgians,
I have a high degree of certainty that the votes I cast
were counted because, being an informed voting rights
activist and computer professional who understands
the insanity of entrusting our votes to the manipulations
of programmers and invisible computer software, I made
certain that I voted on a PAPER Ballot.