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Re: [school-discuss] Bounced messages

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 12:46:03AM -0700, Bill Ries-Knight wrote:
> This was always an issue with Doug.

Noes, this is a bit more peculiar.

First, Doug did unusual job with caring for those who don't care
themselves to subscribe all the addresses which they might use to
post to the list and disable mail *reception* for extra addresses.

So we should just thank him for that, but it's pretty wrong to
expect such service from a person that does anything else...

Second, I don't know if Majordomo (which schoolforge runs) is
capable of that, at least in more or less obvious way.
Mailman and Sympa can do it (via web interface, too).

To sum it all up: 

- for schoolforge, might be better off to move to mailman some day
  (it also has an automatic bounce manager);
- for subscribers, to care for correct From: with lists they post to.
  A habit with having one (probably dedicated) email account for 
  mailing lists might help with that as well.

Hope folks get me right, I just happen to lurk on or participate 
in several dozens of mailing lists since 2001 or so...

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