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[school-discuss] Software Freedom Day

Just a reminder, Software Freedom Day
( http://www.softwarefreedomday.org/ ) is Saturday, September 5th.  Was
checking the map and was surprised by the much smaller number of
participants in the US this year.  Hope that doesn't indicate any
trends about Open Source use and support.  If you have an event in
your area, it might be worth checking out.  You can show your support
for Free and Open Source software and Creative Commons resources by
attending or volunteering.  It can also be a good way to spread the
word about Schoolforge's mission by telling people about
Schoolforge.net at the event.  Also, our group had an event one year,
but didn't manage to get it on the map.  So, it may be worth checking
with local users groups and see if they're planning anything (or can
be convinced to do something).  Please help spread the word about
Software Freedom Day if you know anyone else who my be interested in
volunteering, attending or getting involved.  Thanks.

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