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Re: [school-discuss] Open-Sankorà in the education software directory

Guido Arnold wrote
Does anybody have experience with Open-SankorÃ

> or with any other
whiteboard software under a free license?
Yes. Please see links below under Digital Interactive Whiteboard.
Kind regards,

Our Open Source projects for schools:
- Website@School (Content Management Learning System):
  Main site: http://websiteatschool.eu
  Manual (latest versions): http://wyxs.net/web/was/
- Digital interactive whiteboard for  99,95:
  DIY: http://wyxs.net/web/wiiscan/
  Non-DYI: http://onsbord.nl
- ServerAtSchool (Server-client system):
  ServerAtSchool Dutch site:
- Association "Schools Together Rich with ICT" (STRICT)

Media Action Projects: Sold out. See free PDF
On the use of media in education
Now also translated in Japanese
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