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[school-discuss] Johnny -- A Simulator of von-Neumann Computer Architecture for Educational Purposes (Open Source)

Dear SchoolForge Users,

I would like to announce a simulation software that can be used in
computer science classes:

is a simulator of a simple (virtual) von-Neumann Computer. Its principal application is education; therefore a number of simplifications are made: rather reduced instruction sets, simplified bus operations, etc.

It visualizes the function of Memory, Arithmetic Logic Unit and Control Unit. Machine Programs can be created and edited using a comfortable GUI and run on the virtual machine step by step. The von Neumann instruction cycle is shown in a rather instructive way.

Micro Code, too, is editable: Instructions can be added and modified using the GUI.

The Microsoft Windows executable as well as the (Free Pascal / Lazarus) source code (usable for Linux, MacOS etc.) can be obtained here:


It's also documented on the SchoolForge pages:

If you have questions, remarks, bug reports or suggestions concerning the software itself or the users' manual (including orthography, wording and grammar -- I am not a native English speaker), please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance
- Peter Dauscher

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