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[school-discuss] FLOSS For Nook HD+?

One of my in-laws has a semi-functioning Nook HD+,
one of the old quasi-Android reader/tablets from
Barnes & Noble. Since it has problems in its current
state, and since B&N no longer supports it, I've been
given the go-ahead to experiment with alternative
kinds of software to run on it. I'm not sure how much
of the issues may be hardware or software.

I tried following the instructions for the Nook at the
CyanogenMod site, but the device didn't want to perform
the software download. Replicant seems to be focusing
mainly on Samsung gadgets for the time being. I won't
rule out rooting &c with a micro SD card, but I have
only a tiny budget to put into this experimentation.

Do any of you have hands-on experience with trying to
bring FLOSS (or semi-FLOSS) to the Nook HD+? I'm open
to any suggestions. We have nothing to lose.

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