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Re: [school-discuss] SasiXP on Linux?

Paul Tietjens wrote:

My question for the list:  Is anyone running sasiXP in a Linux-served
environment?  How has that gone?  Specifically, how many piles of data
do you end up with in a WAN (fractional-T1 type stuff) and what kind of
problems can we expect to have with this software?
We are a SASI district, running currently on NT4. I just did a quick check on Pearson's customer forums and found at least one school district that is running the DB4 version of SASI on RedHat.

The individual is Richard Powell at rpowell@halifax.k12.va.us.

I am considering a move to replace our aging NT4 servers, but I am hesitant to move into Active Directory, so I'm going to be closely examining Samba3 - my gut feeling is it will work just fine, since SASI is purely a filesharing based system (at least when using the DB4 version).

Hope this helps,

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