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Re: [school-discuss] Answering Rasjid

On Friday 05 December 2003 10:53 am, Marilyn Hagle wrote:

> This is sort of Jerry Springer stuff, but in reality, much of the
> resisitance to Linux/Open Source in education comes from power stuggles,
> professional jealousy and other ridiculous motivators.  Common sense,
> cost, efficiency . . . what is good for the students . . . these things
> are not factors.


You write the truth.  I'm on the K-8 school board in Hartford, Wisconsin.  
'Tis a job, let me tell you, to get the tech director and teachers to even 
LOOK at open source, much less to buy into it.

I am convinced that common sense, cost, efficiency, and the good of the 
students are the last things on the minds of many teachers and staff while 
making decisions both about technology and other topics.  (These are my 
opinions, and I do not presume to speak officially for the school board!)

We shall continue to fight the good fight because, in the end, I believe that 
truth will win.  More and more people are getting hacked about the cost of 
software -- and the lack of compatibility between versions of MS packages.