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Re: [school-discuss] [novalug] Good News on the Educational Front


I can't forget the two principals of Comptia sitting in front of me at the hearing on the Open Source Texas Bill (S.B. 1579) lobbying against it. They are not friends of Open Source.

Given what they said, I believe they're astroturfers getting as much intelligence on Linux useage as Microsoft wants them to collect.

Also, the popular certifications at Universities are Red Hat Academy and Linux Professional Institute.

I recommend against cross posting this. Of course, you can walk out on a plank blind-folded if you prefer.

karl@seul.org wrote:
Crossposting a somewhat relevant post about free software offerings at
Penn State. Check it out below.

Are there other pklaces doing this that aren't already submitted to
http://casestudy.seul.org/ ?


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An interesting side note. In addition to the usual MicroS??t offerings, Penn State (Mont Alto branch - continuing education program) is now offering courses in Open Office and Linux.

The course description for Open Office has a favorable blurb, and the program CD is included in the package.

The Linux offering is oriented toward CompTIA Linux+ certification.

Ellis Pierce
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