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Re: [school-discuss] authorization management

Harry McGregor wrote:

Um, one 'student' account is a very very bad idea.  Per user
authentication is a must.
I agree, that's why we're moving away from it. However, it should be noted that the entire district (30 elementary, 8 middle, 7 high schools) has run almost entirely this way for all student access for years on Windows 95/98 and MacOS8/9 machines, and will for the forseeable future.

How do you manage per-user accounts, spread over multiple client PCs? NIS? LDAP? Manually copied /etc/{passwd,shadow,group} and NFS homedirs?
We are currently using NIS at Corbett, though will probably move to LDAP
soon, as we have used it elsewhere commercially (We are using LDAP at my
office of USGS, etc)

You should be able to mount the homedir via NFS from the OS-X server,
and should be able to use LDAP auth to the apple directory server.
That's kinda what I figured. I'll have to find a howto though- never messed with LDAP/NetInfo before.