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[school-discuss] Site@School: CMS for primary schools: Version 2 released!

This is an ad for OSS/GPL software.

Site@School Version 2 released

Site@School, the website management system (CMS) for primary schools,
has many improvements and added functionalities in it's second version:

- Up to three home pages per pupils. Alerts for teachers when pupils change
- IntrAnet for teachers, password protected, not accessible to others.
- Refined access management: every part of the S@S system and every module
can be separately managed. This feature greatly enlightens the task of the
administrator. Management tasks can be shared amonng many people. 
- Easy management of classes: it's possible to move all pupils in a class
to a new year.
 - Many new modules. Now available: Guestbook, e-mail, news, pupils's pages
, picture gallery, up/download of files, forum (public accessible and
closed groups), advertisments, sitemap and search can be put on the
- Modules which enable visitors input on the site (guestbook,
advertisments, the forum) send email alerts, so quick measures can be taken
to remove undesirable content. 
- When something changes on the site, emails can be sent per section.
- Comprehensive manual with over 250 screenshots describes every operation
in detail.
- Available in Spanish, Brazilian-Portugese, English, French, German,
Norwegian, Swedish, Polish, Turkish, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese.
- Simple installation with Graphic User Interface. Two installation types
available: Demo installation with 'everything' installed, or a basic
installation to build your site from scratch.
- Site@School can be coupled to an existing school site. Detailed
instructions available to make your own templates.

Kind regards and a happy 2004
The S@S Team

Site@School downloads (Version 2, manual, etc.):
Site@School homepage: 
Complete feature list: