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[school-discuss] solutions for this teacher

Good Morning!

Over the past few months I have asked questions of this list - I very much
appreciated your helpful replies - and I am writing this email to tell you what
I finally discovered would work for me.

For my Intranet classroom server . . . 

Instead of trying to get Debian to work for me, I went back to what I know and
have used for servers in the past.  I installed Fedora(community RedHat) on my
server.  It just worked.  I clicked a few button here and there that told it I
wanted a web server, and ftp server, and sendmail.  The only glitch I have at
the moment is that pine is not cooperating, so I guess I will try to run
squirrelmail.  Anyone know anything about that?  This is simply for
inter-classroom mail.

For running Cinelerra on Ubuntu-Studio . . . 

I am simply back to using the Musix bootable CD.  Even when I went to the
Ubuntu-Studio list and asked about Rosegarden and Cinelerra . . . they said no
one does it as well as Musix.  I think they are right.  Especially now that
Musix is a stable version, it really rocks.  So my classes still use
Ubuntu-Studio (which I like as the installed desktop distro) for most things. 
For music apps and Cinelerra we pop in the Musix CD.  They can still save their
work into their Ubuntu-Studio directories on the hard drive.

Thanks again for your help and advice!!!!!