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[school-discuss] The BS Alliance

Christian Einfeldt believes that RICO-style legal action
against the commercial software extortionists "would be
really expensive." This may be true if it were done by
private litigants; but consider this article . . . 


. . . which ends with John Dvorak's statement of his
desire "to see the BSA operation investigated by Congress
or the Justice Department." With Dvorak's piece now
almost six years old, and with no apparent improvement
in sight, perhaps the idea should be pursued?

I seem to recall that the Electronic Frontier Foundation
and/or similar groups may have made a few moves in this
area--does anyone have any updates?

Of course, I have no objection to Christian's strategy
"to beat them in the marketplace" as well; but I would
not rule out legal approaches without more investigation
of the various possibilities.

Another relevant site to look at:



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