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[school-discuss] OS4ED Release bAlert

Hi All,

OS4ED has just released its latest solution bAlert, a web based email and SMS text messaging system for K-12 and Higher Ed.  The announcement is below.  We are very excited about this solution and think it has many practical applications for education.  The solution will be offered on an annual subscription basis.  Feel free to direct any questions to my direct email:  casey@xxxxxxxxx.  Contact phone is below if you want to talk in person.  Thanks!

Casey Adams

Open Solutions for Education
Thursday December 6, 2007
OS4ED announces the release of bAlert, our web based email and SMS text messaging communication solution.  bAlert allows you to send unlimited emails and SMS text messages to any number of users or groups.  bAlert even works when traditional phone lines are down because it uses cellular modems completely bypassing POTS.

bAlert Features include:

1) Email and Short Message Service (SMS)
--Deliver both or individually
--Deliver text messages to any SMS device
--Cell phone, PDA, Blackberry
2) Deliver email to multiple devices
--Computer, cell phone, PDA, Blackberry
3) SMS messaging works when phone lines are down or
capacity is exceeded
--Messages still delivered in crisis or storm situations when traditional phone lines are down or overloaded
--Messages delivered via cellular modems bypassing traditional phone lines

bAlert has multiple uses.  Some examples include:

1) Notify parents of children who have:
--an unexcused absence
--an unexpected illness
2) Important communications
--Report cards
--Required forms that need to be completed and returned
--Parent teacher conference reminders
3) Weather related communications
--School closings
4) Crisis related communications
--Notify emergency personnel
--Communicate emergency procedures in crisis situations

10 Reasons to try bAlert:

1) Easy to use web interface
2) Quick implementation
3) Message tracking and reporting
4) Reliable and secure
5) Web based data upload
6) Low annual subscription rate
7) Delivery to any device
8) No hardware required
9) Works when traditional phone lines are down
10) Call center support included in maintenance fees

Try bAlert free for two weeks at no cost!

--Unlimited messages
--Unlimited emails
--Enjoy the entire functionality at no cost

To get you trial user name and password send the following information to info@xxxxxxxxx :
--Contact Email

An OS4ED representative will contact you within 24 hours to get the information necessary to set up your trial account