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RE: [school-discuss] lego usage and FLOSS http://leocad.org/

Title: RE: [school-discuss] lego usage and FLOSS http://leocad.org/

Here's a possibility for lego-like opensource program  http://leocad.org/

haven't tried it but looks like its what you're asking for


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On 11/27/07, Yishay Mor <yishaym@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> We had developed some tools for lego programming in WebLabs. I think you can
> get them free and open source. I've >CC:ed Michele, from the Genoa team who
> led this activity.
> We also had some construction diagrams for the actual robots, and activity
> plans for using them in mathematics educational scenarios. Again, I'll let
> Michele add the details.
> cheers,
thanks, but no answer i got up to now from the guy you placed in cc:

i am very interested both in lego programming via open source tools
and also in their application in math edu scenarios

is there anyone who can give some hint ?

thanks again
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