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Re: [school-discuss] FLOSS on Wii?

Have a look at Johnny Lee's stuff. Pure genius:

On 26/12/2007, Joel Kahn <jj2kk4@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The parents of my three young nieces
(two teenagers and a seven-year-old)
were able to find a Nintendo Wii just
before Christmas. My wife and I spent
the holiday with them, and the girls
ignored their "old" XBox completely
and just focused on the newest toy.
(More bad news for Micro$oft.)

The girls' father--my wife's brother--
is a member of the school board for the
district in which my wife has been an
art teacher for a number of years.
This district is still totally mired
in Micro$oft. I'm wondering if running
some FLOSS apps on the Wii might be a
way to put FLOSS onto the radar screen
and hopefully get some attention. . . .

One particular possibility that I've
been thinking of is Xaos, the powerful
real-time fractal zoomer. If the mouse
actions of the traditional version could
be translated into Wii-style hand and
arm motions, the user could sort of
"swim" through the fractal environment
in a way that I think the kids would get
a real kick out of. Making all of the
menu options easily accessible might be
a challenge, but I believe that a few
features could be left behind (at least
in an early version) without hurting
the results too much.

So far, my web searches have not turned
up any work in this direction. Do any of
you have info that I don't? Opinions,
ideas, suggestions, whatever?


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