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[school-discuss] Open Admin for Schools - 3.50 Released

Open Administration for Schools 3.50

This release adds the new translation tools to allow OA to rebuild
itself in other languages. We currently have French, Serbian, and
Khmer (Cambodian) available. People are apparently working on a
Spanish version, as well. These new tools will allow users to make
their own translations directly in OA, and will also import and export
.po files so that they can share with others. I am hopeful they will
also contribute these back to the main OA site, so others may download
their translations.

This release also adds a new Pre-Kindergarten report card system
designed to have a more appealing (ie. warm and fuzzy) appearance to
parents. It features predesigned objectives and choices for those
objectives, to speed up the assessment process for teachers. There are
no limits on numbers of objectives per subject or on numbers of
subjects in this system.

There is a new student data import script to allow uploading student
information directly from spreadsheet csv files.  It seemed that many
had problems using the other (very ugly) import script directly from
command line. This should eliminate that problem.

There have also been updates to the timetable system (new report,
updated entry scripting). There were also other smaller fixes and

I am working on the documentation now. There is an interim 3.50 User
Documentation pdf available (describing the translation tools). The
administration (installation, etc.) manual should be updated shortly.

OA is now available from:


Any comments or questions, please let me know.

Les Richardson
Skype: openadmin
Open Administration for Schools
Saskatchewan, Canada