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Re: [school-discuss] Taking requests

I don't think Matt is abusing the list; he may just be unfamiliar with some of the etiquette, such as including the link to the file when he discusses it.

For the record, in case anyone missed the previous message containing the link, the ISO can be downloaded from http://mattech.exhspace.com/mattech/small.iso

I think the name, small.iso, may be a bit of a misnomer, however, as it is 684MB. The hosting website does seem to have good bandwith, though.


Charles Cossé wrote:
"Matt", can you please not abuse this list?  Nobody has a link, and I
seriously doubt if you have a product.

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 6:41 AM, Matt Tech <mattech75@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
For now, you all have a link to a very crude image just to see if it will
work on your hardware.

It currently does not run with NVidea graphics cards or on older machines.

I am looking for requests and suggestions on what would be the best package
in your view.

To answer on question: Yes, this can be customized for any need, and I
believe it should be.

Your input will determine the final image, as per everyones needs.

Thanks for the interest.