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Re: [school-discuss] Call for documentation for K12LTSP2.0

On Mon, 4 Feb 2002, Roger Dingledine wrote:

> On Sat, Feb 02, 2002 at 11:34:15PM -0800, Paul Nelson wrote:
> > PS, if you wan to be the first kid on the block with a new K12LTSP2.0
> > CD-Rom set then offer to mirror the distribution. Contact me and I'll
> > make sure you get access to the *.iso's and get linked to the download page.
> We can put them on one of the seul servers, if you're worried that your
> load will be too high.
> Are you looking for people to take load off you, or just interested
> volunteers?

I can mirror it at the University of Arizona as well.  Also, we might be
able to work on the documentation (depends on how my week goes, being away
at LWE2002NYC took a lot out of me, and I have a number of things at work
I need to fix this week).

I will try and get an update written about LWE2002NYC, but all in all, it
was a great success for Linux in Education, and OSEF.  I now have several
projects in the works (more to be seen on them in the next few months).

Also, can anyone make a decent suggestion for a topic for LWE San Fran?  I
think I can get a paper accepted, if I get it in soon.


> --Roger >

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