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[school-discuss] Re: A new project supporting schools

Dear Marco,

Your installer project looks reasonable and useful How far along are you?
Somethig about your message tells me I'm not the first to talk to you about
this, but please let us know if you'd be interested in joining the Schoolforge
coalition, http://schoolforge.net 

On that site you'll find a list of current members, operating procedures and two
important starting points:
*the mailing list subscription form and
*the membership application form

We'd love to hear more about your plans if you'd be willing to share them.


David Bucknell
Editor, Open Source Schools -- a Schoolforge member

Quoting Marco Fioretti <m.fioretti@inwind.it>:

> Hello,
> I have been directed here from the 
> Red Hat Linux list. I and others just
> started a project which (among other
> things) will  allow schools all over 
> the world to use modern Free 
> software on very obsolete 
> computers, like those usually 
> coming from donations).
> >From the look of your site we might
> find a lot in common. Please read
> about the project at:
> http://spazioweb.inwind.it/marco_web
> to see what we want to do and why,
> and let us know how we can help 
> you.
> You are encouraged to subscribe to
> our mailing list, is not just a 
> technical one.
> I look forward to hear from you.
> Let me know if you talk of us on your 
> site.
> 	Marco Fioretti
> 	RULE project leader