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Re: [school-discuss] Press Release for Last Comments/Changes/Additions


You forgot to mention General Education Online's accomplishment of over
200% growth for Jan 2002.

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(Terminology used explained below January 2002)
January 2001
Non-Unique Hits - 65,974
Unique Hits - 17,748
Files - 52,750
Total KB - 976,649

January 2002
Non-Unique Hits - 209,993
Unique Hits - 44,558
Files - 177,500
Total KB - 2,971,412

Non-Unique Hits:  These count multiple web hits from the same IP address
during the same day -- Therefore if someone hits the website 100 times
during the same day, all 100 hits count for this category.  This is roughly
equivalent to the total number of lines in the access_log file for the month.

Unique Hits:  These count a single web hit from a single IP address per
day.  These totals are closer to the actual number of visitors for the
month.  The same IP can visit multiple times during the month (ie, they
could visit all 31 days of the month, and all 31 visits would count).

Files:  The total number of files downloaded for the month.

Total KB:  The bandwidth utilized by visitors to the website.


At 07:49 AM 02/05/2002 +0700, you wrote:
>On Tuesday 05 February 2002 06:15, you wrote:
>Thanks, Michael. Want to make those numbers specific?
>At any rate, I'll be sure to include it.
>Best wishes,
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At 05:27 AM 02/11/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Thanks to those who sent changes and suggestions. I think I used them _all_! 
>I suggest that by this time tomorrow, we try to ship it to the translators
>get it out by ... whenever you think you can do it ;-)
>[http://schoolforge.net February, 2002]
>SchoolForge, a coalition of organizations supporting free and open resources 
>in education has nearly fifty members (48).
>*Coalition Grows; Begins Work on Open Standard for Educational Resources
>In its first month of operation, Schoolforge's membership grew from 31 
>organizations at its January 8 launch to 47 organizations by month's end. 
>Located in Asia, Africa, The Americas and Europe, these new members share
>common vision of free and open resources in education.
>Members have begun work on Schoolforge's first project, EduML, an
XML-based open 
>standard for educational software and content development. Although an
>at an EduML standard was initiated in 1998-1999 as a standard for
>intercommunication between educational applications, Schoolforge is
picking it
>up and moving forward with revisions and improvements. Those interested in
>collaborating on EduML are invited to join the schoolforge-discuss mailing
>via http://schoolforge.net/sfdiscuss.php. 
>In addition to a description of Schoolforge's mission and methods,
visitors to 
>http://www.schoolforge.net will find news, software, and curricular resources
>available by our member organizations, as well as a full membership list and 
>instructions for joining us.
>Media and candidate organizations wishing to learn more about Schoolforge
>welcome to contact us at info@schoolforge.net.
>* Blue Linux Beta Release 1.0
>Jan 22, 2002 - Hillsborough, NC, US
>"With this release we bring a easy to install and configure Linux operating
>system for Intel based systems, we hope to have a release for the Macintosh
>systems shortly. This release is avaliable on our ftp servers." Full story:
>* K12LTSP 2.0 (K12 Linux Terminal Server Project) released on February 10
> February 10, 2002 - Portland, Oregon, US
>"K12LTSP is free software with the potential to save schools, public agencies
>and businesses millions of dollars." Full story:
>* MimerDesk 1.5.0pre released
>January 10, 2002 -  Finland 
>"MimerDesk is an open-source group environment designed for a wide variety of
>uses such as web-based eLearning, carrying out projects and setting up
>communities." Full story:
>These groups joined us in January of 2002:
>*OpenSchooling [US]: The OpenSchooling project has the goal of providing
>FDL'd (released under the Free Documentation License) curriculum that
meets the
>standards set out by each country, state, province, etc. for all subjects and
>electives. Both Web browser-based and 
>printable versions of the curriculum will be made available. Schools and 
>publishers can make books for sale and use. (http://openschooling.org)
>*Northwest Educational Service District 189 [US]: NESD 189 is a regional
>service center for regional districts in [ where? ], and which also develops 
>Web-based tools for education using GNU tools. (http://www.esd189.org)
>TEFL China Teahouse [China]: This organization's purpose is to help teachers
>create open resource teaching materials that offer them the same
advantages that
>open source software has 
>provided IT professionals. (http://teflchina.com)
>Lone Jack C-6 Schools [US]: Public k-12 Institution using Linux as its 
>primary server operating system and for terminals in labs and classrooms. 
>GnuSkole [Denmark]: Goal is to promote the use of open source software in
>Danish primary school system by publishing documentation, finding and 
>translating educational software, and holding a discussion forum for
>and system administrators at schools. [http://www.gnuskole.dk]
>Goa Schools Computers Porject [India]: Equipping schools in Goa with
>labs, this project aims to help bridge the digital divide by means of free
>open resources. (http://www.goasudharop.org/gscp)
>Linuxlab.org.za [South Africa]: Open source schools advocacy group in South 
>Africa. (http://linuxlab.org.za)
>Globewide Network Academy [US]: Collects information about distance learning 
>from various sources and publishes an open source database. 
>Regional Institute for Scholastic Excellence [US]: RISE is a group of
>alternative schools charged with providing standards-based curricula and a 
>structured educational environment for 6th through 12th grade students who
>been released from other schools. (http://www.s-cook.org/rise/default.htm)
>ENMAC Linux User Group [Mexico]: Promotes the use of Linux for Mexican 
>educational environments.  (http://enmac.seul.org)
>Greek Research and Technology Network [Greece]: Provides advanced Internet 
>services to the Greek Academic and Research Community. (http://www.grnet.gr)
>Schoolforge Member (projects) are located in these (18) countries so far:
>US, Belize, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Finland, Australia, Denmark, India, 
>Greece, France, Norway, Turkey, Singapore, South Africa, UK, Canada, China
>TRANSLATIONS of this announcement are available on http://schoolforge.net.
>Copyright schoolforge.net, February 2002. Permission to repost with 
>attribution to schoolforge.net is granted.
>http://schoolforge.net member