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Re: [school-discuss] Poor Man's (teacher, student) Flash?

well PHP has a flash library that lets you generate flash on the fly 
from source in a webpage, plus given that you can pull dynamically from 
a database in php, this can be an immensely powerful tool, though i 
don't think many are using it in education yet, in part, i suppose 
because of the traditional programming/design split and using this looks 
more like programming than design.

Les Richardson wrote:

>I would like to teach my students something about vector based graphic
>formats, but can't afford a class set of Flash. 
>Are there any low cost/ no cost solutions that would allow flash creation,
>etc. It doesn't have to be user friendly, etc. just functional. If not
>Flash, then what about SVG?
>Any ideas, anyone?
>Les Richardson
>H. Hardcastle School
>Edam, Sk. Canada

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