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[school-discuss] Re: OpenSIF

Hello Eric,

Thank you for making the effort to get in contact; you sound like you've got an
important project going on and I know that the schoolforge-discuss group will
want to find out about any common ground.

So, please, run, don't walk, to http://schoolforge.net/sfdiscuss.php and join
the mailing list. Then, look around the site and decide whether your org is
willing to become a member of schoolforge, our coalition (it's free, of course).

I hope you will post at least an introduction to your project on
OpenSourceSchools.org as well, if not a full article.

I'll cc this to the schoolforge-discuss list as I know they will want to be
informed about what your group is doing.

Best wishes and thanks again for making contact.


David Bucknell
Editor, OpenSourceSchools.org
P.S. Thank you for the good words about the work we're doing.

Quoting Eric Petersen <eric@edustructures.com>:

> Hello,
> After spending some time browsing around OpenSourceSchools today I would
> first like to commend your organization on the great work it's doing, and
> secondly introduce an open source project to you that I feel would be of
> interest to many of your members. Problem is, I'm just not sure where to
> direct the post -- any help on that appreciated. 
> Last week we launched OpenSIF.org, an open-source project dedicated to
> furthering K-12 application integration through the Schools Interoperability
> Framework (SIF). The site is located at www.opensif.org and currently hosts
> the OpenSIF Reference Implementation. It is our hope that developers and
> educators interested in SIF will contribute to the OpenSIF ZIS and in time
> bring other SIF-related projects to the site.
> Is it possible to have "OpenSIF" listed in your sidebar links wherever you
> list "SIF", such that people interested in SIF could see there is a place to
> download an open source reference implementation of the standard? Any other
> suggestions on how I can go about informing people of OpenSIF would be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks and keep up the great work on your site -- you've really done a very
> nice job.
> Eric Petersen
> eric@edustructures.com

http://schoolforge.net member