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[school-discuss] Survey (Completely voluntary)

Hello everyone,

I'm sending this message to schoolforge-discuss and SEUL/Edu, so I
apologise to those of you who will receive this message twice

I am a senior student in Tasmania, Australia.  As part of my course (the
International Baccalaureate), I am currently working on a research essay.
My topic is educational free software (aka OSS) in schools.

As part of my investigation, I have decided to organise a survey to give me
some concrete information on certain issues that I feel need some different
views on.

I have told several people of this individually, but since that was quite a
while ago, I am asking anyone who has a little time to fill in my survey,
which I will send when I receive a few responses.  If you can complete the
survey, I would appreciate a prompt reply.  Although there is some time
before the essay is due, I am currently extremely busy and would need to
get things out of the way before other things come along.

Thanks everyone!

Daniel Carter