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[school-discuss] Re: THREE ROSES - Three Regional Operating networks working on

They've actually allready published a first report (Desktop study use of
Open Source in Local Government in Europe) based on e-mail and interent
survey and also had a 2nd workshop, a follow-up to the survey, in
Sept/2003. Some of their finding were incorperated in to the IDA report
(Open Source Migration Guidelines) published lately.

3Roses btw is a a small project that is managed by ERISA
(http://www.ianis.net/), an NGO comissioned by the EU (not funded) to
promote e-gov (among other things) at local/regional level in Europe. If
It is based in Brusseles, or at least this is where their
pr/communications seem to be comming from.

Don't know if the report from the 3Rose's 1st workshop is available
online, but if anyone needs it, I may have a copy somewhere, or can put
it on whatsup.

I tried once to check if local governments on Israel (Iriot and
Rashoiout) can participate, it seems that there are some possibilities
via research funds Israel is eligble to use etc. If any one is intrested
in persuing this.


Yishay Mor wrote:
"This IST funded project will evaluate the current situation with regard to the development and adoption of Open Source Software (OSS) solutions to modernise public administration at local and regional level, and to support the economic development of the territory. Three Roses focuses on e-government services and e-business solutions that could be promoted by public administrations in their local context. Special attention will also be paid to the development of e-tools to support and enhance a learning process around open source solutions for the public sector. The benefits and disadvantages of adopting OSS technology are also being examined.

The objective of the project is to develop a relevant roadmap for future research work under the 6th Framework Programme of Research and Technological Development of the European Commission. This will be done by concentrating on the state of the art of research and the use of Open Source Software in e government and related e-business and learning processes.

To achieve this objective, Three Roses will become an open platform in which participants in potential future research work will be able to debate and exchange views during two workshop sessions and through a virtual forum. The life span of the project is one year (2003). Consultation will involve OSS researchers and developers, local/regional users and stakeholders, as well as experts in managing large European projects."