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Re: [school-discuss] FW: OpenOffice in education

Depending on your enviro and your end-users... have them make the tutorials as they discover their own stuff...


xvidcap does a great job of making videos of X11... I use it for communicating with devs on what I want/need for my education dream software... ck out some of the vids I've made here:

They can get pretty big pretty quick but when I need to explain something tricky, I make a movie of it :)


Michael Viron wrote:

Do we have any tutorials for openoffice.org? or any members who have built



From: Hildy@ultra2k [mailto:hildy@totalspeed.net]
Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 8:28 PM
To: mviron@findaschool.org
Subject: OpenOffice in education

I have started a website www.tutorialsforopenoffice.org The mission of the
website is to provide free assistance in the use of OpenOffice.
OpenOffice has been taught by teachers thousands of times. I have not been
able to find any step-by-step tutorials that a teacher can use that I can
post on my website . How many times do we have to reinvent the wheel. Do
you know where I can get a tutorial(s) to post?
OpenOffice works on Linux and other platforms.
Waalter Hildebrandt
Denver CO

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