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[school-discuss] Re: TCEA (Texas Computer Education Association) Convention

on Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 12:19:47AM +0800, Alvin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Alvin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Dear all,
> Has anyone has any issues of any kinds when delopying Openoffice
> in schools?

The one that hits me most often is the autocomplete feature.  It's
annoying, and I keep losing track of how to turn it off.  Most
distracting, as a user types spaces after completing a word, no spaces
actually appear until the next word is started.

This is _unanimously_ confusing to users.  And myself.

Otherwise:  easy to roll out, works on both GNU/Linux and legacy MS
Windows, the price is right, it reads MSFT formats.


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