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[school-discuss] General Education Online (GEO) News - 2005 - Issue 1

During 2004 and into 2005, General Education Online
(http://www.findaschool.org) has managed to have a series of accomplishments
which have continued to drive General Education Online forward:
1) For 2004, General Education Online closed the year with 2.96 million hits
(representing solid 13% growth), over 550,000 unique hits (16% growth), and
over 50 GB worth of traffic (19% growth).
2) Overall, General Education Online passed 10 million hits, 2 million
unique hits, and passed 175 GB worth of traffic since 1999.
3) In January 2005, General Education Online experienced the single highest
traffic month ever with over 460,000 hits (over 80,000 of which were
unique).  This represents 80% growth of January 2004's hit totals, and near
doubling of January 2004's unique hits.
4) GEO is well on its well to meeting Q1 '05 goals, having accumulated over
700,000 hits quarter-to-date.  Although still early in the year, projections
based on numbers to date have GEO either close to or above 5 million hits at
the end of 2005.
Releases & Newsworthy Items
In October of 2005, General Education Online will celebrate it's tenth
anniversary.  Although still under discussion, a 10th anniversary logo or
theme is not out of the question.
After years of hard work, General Education Online launched v3.0 of the
website on January 5th, 2005.  Development on GEO and other projects will
continue throughout 2005 at a rapid pace.
Beyond the statistics, GEO's most important goal is to reach 15,000 entries
for the 10th anniversary of the site.  15,000 would be about 100 times
larger than the initial site which premiered in October 1995.
In other news, GEO is working on solidifying arrangements with various
educational organizations, universities, and others throughout 2005.  More
news as it becomes available.
For more detailed information about GEO, or just to take a look around don't
hesitate to visit us online at http://www.findaschool.org
Michael Viron
President & CEO
General Education Online
E-mail: mviron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.findaschool.org 

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