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[school-discuss] [IIEP] Site@School, CMSs for primary schools...


Site@School is a Content Management System (CMS) to manage and maintain
the website of a primary school. It is Open Source Software, licensed
under the General Public license.

Site@school main features are:

      * Manage a website without technical knowledge.
      * Editors with a high "Word processor look and feel" rate.
      * Pupils/teachers can have personal pages on the website. Teachers
        can check pupil pages before publication.
      * An intrAnet for teachers (not accessible by the public).
      * E-mail alerts can be sent to admins when pages are
      * Comprehensive manual with over 300 screenshots. 
      * Extensive number of available modules, see Available Modules
      * Possible to create your own template see downloadable
      * and much, much more..
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