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Re: [school-discuss] New SF website leak!!

It's true!  Before I start throwing chairs across the room, a couple things to point out.  The mysterious red question box is part of a help 'subsystem' feature - do thank Tyson for ensuring that this will not include any characterizations of office stationary organizers... he was oddly adamant about this.  I tried to reason with him, but he wouldn't budge.

Early in March, we should see quite a bit new functionality and features added to the SchoolForge website.  Since the new design/face lift was put into place the system has been running on Drupal and we have been spending a *lot* of time working with and exploring Drupal to add new functionality (I've started working with it on a few various sites of my own, and have also had the opportunity to set up implementations of it where I work.)  So there should be a couple more announcements right around the corner, relating to the Coalition and the website, sharing what we are working on and how these different things are coming together.  The important thing to note though, is that these features will go beyond a 'facelift' and will start sharing new functionality. 


(we are investigating this leak by Mr. Frank, if anyone has any information, please pass it on.)

On 2/21/07, Frank B < tpimtts@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've got to let everyone know that there is something new in the works at SchoolForge.  I recieved a tip from inside the SF web labs and was able to acquire a screenshot through confidential means.  Take a look.

You can call me Frank.