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Re: [school-discuss] Open Content: Dialog on creative commons licensing terms

Justin wrote:

<< A request was received from an organization called Openlearn (http://www.open.ac.uk/openlearn/home.php) to be listed as an open content resource. I was impressed with what is available on the website and the application of the creative commons to the content resources. There is also an interesting aspect of this which seeks to creatively implement a way for third party content to be included. >>

They contacted us as well at the Free Curricula Center. We just sent back a response asking whether that involves a reciprocal link and await their reply.

The organization is actually the UK's Open University, which was a distance learning pioneer. OpenLearn is the name of their open courseware project.

I too have been a bit disappointed with their approach to licensing. When I spoke with some of the OpenLearn people at a conference recently, it seemed to me that they hadn't really thought through all these issues yet. It's particularly unfortunate that they chose BY-NC-SA, which is in conflict with many other licenses. For example, this means it's not possible to mix their material with something with a license like BY-SA. But I suppose such is the curse of the SA provision.


-- Stephen H. Foerster Free Curricula Center http://freecurricula.org