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[school-discuss] Fwd: Will you be my cryptovalentine?

David M. Bracknell, david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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From:Zak Rogoff <info@xxxxxxx>
Sent:Thu, 12 Feb 2015 13:28:57 -0500
To:David Bucknell <dbucknell@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject:Will you be my cryptovalentine?

Free Software Foundation

Roses are red, violets are blue; I use free software to encrypt my online communication and so should you.

Dear David,

Valentine's day is this Saturday and, if you're like us, you're either trying to pick the right gift or wishing you had someone to exchange gifts with. We wish you luck with that. But there's something important that you can do regardless of your relationship status:

Ask someone you like -- romantically or otherwise -- to be your cryptovalentine. If they say yes (yikes, nervous!) use the free program GnuPG to set up private and encrypted communication with them. If one or both of you is new to GnuPG, we recommend our beginner-friendly Email Self-Defense guide. Setting up encrypted communication is a quick activity you can do together whether you are across the room or across the world. And what better way to show love than help them defend their security, privacy and freedom?

Microblog about your cryptovalentine.

Once you're done, share your love with the world by posting about it on microblogging with the hashtag #ilovefs. Just make sure not to use proprietary software to post.

This is a fun activity, but it also can make a difference. Forming personal connections is the best way to teach encryption technology and move us closer to a society where everyone has the tools and knowledge for surveillance-resistant communication.

And as we've discussed at length, free software is necessary for privacy online. Because nonfree software's code can't be audited publicly, we can never trust it to be free of back doors inserted by accident or by design. We're thankful to all the hardworking free software developers who give us a fighting chance at privacy. It goes without saying, but we do love FS.

For more free software Valentine's day fun, like postcards and an #ilovefs photo gallery, visit the Free Software Foundation Europe Web site.

Zak Rogoff
Campaigns Manager

Read online at https://www.fsf.org/blogs/community/will-you-be-my-cryptovalentine.