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[school-discuss] 3D printing software

We had our annual school district tech conference. As usual, the interest seemed to be more on what's available for free rather than what's Free/Libre and makes source code available.Â

One popular topic this year was 3D printing. In one talk, the speaker mentioned software for 3D printers. You'd think this would be a good place where Open Source might excel, but a lot of the software mentioned was proprietary. I think the only Open Source software mentioned was Inkscape and OpenSCAD. Thought it might be useful if we provided other recommendations for educators at the Schoolforge site. So, I went through our software listing for 2D, 3D and vector graphics programs on Schoolforge and noticed we really didn't list that many applications. I just added about 10 new applications that were not in our listings. I'm sure I missed some good ones. If anyone has recommendations for Open Source vector graphics or 2D, 3D CAD and printing programs that have not made it to our software listings at Schoolforge, please post about them. I'd be happy to add them to the site or if you'd prefer feel free to add them in yourself.Â

Also, if anyone uses BRL-CAD and can post a review to the Schoolforge site, it would be much appreciated. There's only have one review for the program currently at the site and that was by someone who didn't know how to install it, so the person gave it a bad rating. It happens to be a really nice program, so I'd love to see some reviews to balance out the one currently there and give other perspectives.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may come up with.