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Re: [school-discuss] Computer Clubs called Tech Captains, a proposal / vision that didn't take hold, yet.

Well, we don't have a coding club at our school, but we do have a Linux users group. As we are a Hmong charter school, the club is called the Asian Penguins.

Here is some information about our club:


We welcome feedback. Let us know what you think.

Thank you,

Stu Keroff

On Tue, Feb 17, 2015 at 11:05 AM, Mark Rauterkus <Mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi All,

A few different points from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

#1. Do you know LiveCode?Âhttp://www.LiveCode.org

If not, check it out. You might be impressed. Runs on Linux. Craft apps for Android and iOS, plus WIN, Mac, Linux. Open source came following a Kickstarter campaign more than a year ago.Â

#2. Western PennsylvaniaÂLiveCodeÂUser Group is calling its first meeting for 6 pm on Tuesday,ÂFebruary 24, 2015, at Carnegie Mellon University'sÂModern Language Resource Center, Room 225c Baker Porter Hall. All those in and around Pittsburgh with experiences or an interest in the multi-platform, open source, softwareÂLiveCodeÂ(http://www.LiveCode.com)Âare invited to attend theÂorganizationalÂmeeting. OurÂmeet and greet starts with pizza and includes a 20-to-30 minute presentation and demoÂfromÂMarcÂSiskin of CMU onÂhow he converts hisÂLiveCodeÂcontent into mobile apps that run on both iOS and Android devices.Â

If you have anyÂinterest in the group, attend the meeting or elseÂemailÂmsiskin@xxxxxxxxxxxÂor callÂ412-401-5623Âas monthly meetings are expected.

#3. Made a proposal for a school based after school project called, "TECH Captains."Â

The proposal asked for $8,000 on a local RFP. It did not get funding.

#3 b) Full proposal in PDF:Â

All of it is in the public domain.Â

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